Stone Relaxation

There is no better way to relax and take the stress of the day away than with a massage. Our massage therapy sessions are perfect for relieving muscle tension and headaches or simply for getting a better night of sleep.

You can select from a host of massage therapy treatments including Swedish and deep tissue massage to sports massage with a little reflexology.

Once you have a hot stone massage you may never want to go without. The application of heated basalt rocks to penetrate deep and release tension and stress in a unique manner.

Recommended for a range of ailments and chronic pain, heated stone massage is a perfect additive when coming in for any other kind of massage.

Swedish: Light to firm pressure of long gliding strokes to release tension from muscle related pain and stress.

Deep Tissue: Swedish massage with firmer pressure to reach deeper layers of muscles for pain relief and relaxation.

Reflexology: Wonderful foot massage applying the right pressure to specific point of the foot in relation to different area of the body. Great for stress, headaches, and total relaxation.

Prenatal Massage: This massage is customized for expecting moms to relax and reduce tension from lower back in some cases, sciatic pain in the gluteal region and legs, and of course to relax during that special time of woman's life.

Sport Massage: This massage is geared toward athletes before and after events or during training.

Aromatherapy: Essential oil is used in combination with regular massage cream or oil. Each oil has a unique effect such as stress, headaches relaxation.

    Corporate and social event chair massage also available

  We accept Doctor's referrals for pain management and stress.